Santa Clara_Mousephone 4G3W

My cellphone ask me : pocket-screen-mouse, please !

- Oh dont you prefer a mousetrousers-rightleg-screenleftleg, i said.

My cellphone is thinking about, counting the datevalors feed-action.

Sure you need to datevalue some money and enter in the 4G3W Economy. It's by screen 4G3W. Any. But to mark numbers over cellphone's screen it is not so relax.

Because when you need, you must pay attention. To much attention.

That's why you must ask Motorola or Nokia - perhaps Google, Microsoft or Cisco - for a mousephone in your screenpocket 4G3W. Oh why you dont ask it at Santa Clara or San José ?

Do you need better cashkeeping at WUW ? You are Ok but do something, because to colaborate is under secret here down : http://www.codeproject.com/useritems/Mousephone_4G3W.asp

But now, this item is not at codeproject.com. So it becames a confidencial one .

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