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Nokia N97 doesnt allows the creation of webliving-savings.

The financial function webcashmotor 4G3W is not on nokiadepending phasis, in reason of obamadepending choices about linking money to universocial_sovereign_anchor by datevaluation.

So with this smartphone people cannot link money-to-money for much-more-money into Economy 4G3W.



Do you run for Android or for 10 mio US$ in prices ?

The fact is that Android is there.

Now, may you link money-to-money by Android very soon ?

You will answer when you see your own webcashmotor at your money datevaluation advantage and when you feel your economic life going up forever.
When you get your first "owndated webquantum" and its webcashmatic plusvalues maded by webpowered force in fusion with your ability for tagvaporating webfished production factors.

What about Silicon_Mamouth_Brains and You-Google-Android-Yourshared-Project ?

Well, let me listen the Genesis_Video_Song : iglu...iglu...iglu...iglu...iglu.

As Professor Henry Chesbrough I trust on Open Innovation and Open Business Models.


Linking money-to-money for much-more-money

When you link 10€_to_universocial€UROS at the WUW The Webcash_Universocial_Web you do link for much-more-money in your webcashaccount.

Because in Economy 4G3W you get a freedom for fishing cash at the Big WebSea. And from your webfishing position you get webcashmatic plusvalues in cashkeeping mode.

Because the personal webcashmotor is your own free web_device to personalize the money datevaluation with your better date_justwebmarked_on. Then you can cashcall more than you cashput. 100% free. For you. Because it is webpowered and cashkeeping. Think about.


Cash_Link_Opportunities for You

In the new Economy 4G3W people are linking money-to-money by webcashmotor. They take their Cash_Link_Opportunities.

Your target is to get much_more_money in saved cashkeeping, just marked with your better webdate by your own webcashmotor.

In the flash of your webcashaccount, you see your cashfishing operator_feedtracker in webjob_position spined by all your tagvaporated_owned_timestock making cash results when charging webcashmatic plusvalues
Yes for you.
So easy because it is webpowered and personalized in your own finantial_spin_flafors.
Yeah the money datevaluation it's one link money-to-money for much_more_money. Just you do by webcashmotor.
Hops Megamajors: I got my spin_flavoured_pipes_time_position in my own_savings_web@live


Putting Mousephone into Google phone

It would be.
Two things depending of our world evolution.
But the new Economy 4G3W is starting outof the market.
Megamajors are smelling the winds of the money datevaluation by the first Webcashmotor.
Do you input it ? Will you make your economic life going up forever ? Be or not to be...


Santa Clara_Mousephone 4G3W

My cellphone ask me : pocket-screen-mouse, please !

- Oh dont you prefer a mousetrousers-rightleg-screenleftleg, i said.

My cellphone is thinking about, counting the datevalors feed-action.

Sure you need to datevalue some money and enter in the 4G3W Economy. It's by screen 4G3W. Any. But to mark numbers over cellphone's screen it is not so relax.

Because when you need, you must pay attention. To much attention.

That's why you must ask Motorola or Nokia - perhaps Google, Microsoft or Cisco - for a mousephone in your screenpocket 4G3W. Oh why you dont ask it at Santa Clara or San José ?

Do you need better cashkeeping at WUW ? You are Ok but do something, because to colaborate is under secret here down : http://www.codeproject.com/useritems/Mousephone_4G3W.asp

But now, this item is not at codeproject.com. So it becames a confidencial one .